• I like working out here because of the comfort level. Everyone is here to exercise, and its awesome to see the varying age groups as well as people with different fitness levels exercising side by side. I am not a fitness buff, and have a difficult time doing just about anything in moderation. So I like that my extreme indulgences can be “excused” with an intense workout. My trainer, Misty, makes a new creative daily workout and is willing to jump in with me when I just can’t do those last 5 burpees or mountain climbers! Even though I’m drenched in sweat, I feel great when i leave after a Ben Mackie workout.


    — Tonya, Stockton, CA

  • Four weeks ago the results of a full body medical exam placed me in the top 10% of my middle-age, age group. Three years prior, my doctor advised me to improve my health through exercise. Since that conversation I’ve been working with Ben. He creates both personal and group workouts for me that cater to my age and conditioning and he monitors changes in my fitness levels. If my schedule keeps me from getting to his gym, he sends a workout electronically and follows up to ensure I’m not slacking. The workouts change daily, are never monotonous and always end with a feeling of accomplishment. He’s as flexible as I want him to be and as structured as I need. I wish I’d begun working with him sooner.

    — “Happy Client”, Stockton, CA

  • “I began working out at Ben Mackie Fitness over a year ago. Jan Gilliland has helped me with her always changing routine of strength training and body balance work. Jan also has several yoga classes, her Saturday morning class is the perfect way to start my day!”

    — Karen P., Stockton CA

  • “Joining Ben Mackie Fitness on 3/18/14 is, without a doubt, the best investment I’ve made in my life! (I realize that might sound extreme or overly dramatic, but it’s true!!) The value is over-the-top excellent, and trying to compare it to any other fitness facility I’ve had exposure to or experience with…is like trying to compare an apple to an orange! I have witnessed all age groups, and all fitness levels in the studio. It’s a very unique and creative structure and style, tailored personally to the individual. They will hold you accountable and push you, yet somehow achieve that delicate balance of knowing exactly where the line is….(so they don’t have to place that emergency 911 call in my case? lol They provide a very warm, friendly, inviting environment eliminating that judgmental and/or intimidation factor that can sometimes be present with these type of establishments? (You won’t find any clique groups here!) They really do seem to sincerely care….and you see and feel it in every aspect of your experience. A special personal thank you to Patrick Kucich, who was my trainer for my first two months! While I will definitely miss him, I won’t miss the 6 inches on my waist that he helped me lose since my initial check-in on 3/19/14! (Impressive for less than 2 months, eh?) I wish him the very best in his future endeavors, and look forward to working with Jillian. If you live in the Stockton or Lodi area, do yourself a HUGE favor and check them out!! I don’t believe you will find a better value for this type of personalized training!! Anywhere!!”

    — Donna B., Lodi, CA

  • “I have had the opportunity and pleasure to workout with Ben, I will say that it has been such a great experience to be Trained by the “Ben Mackie.” He is extremely professional, very personable and extremely knowledgeable about exercise, fitness, nutrition and more. I also loved that I was pushed hard and encouraged during each workout.The sessions are challenging and well thought out to meet my personal objectives and the sessions never got boring. He helped me begin a lifestyle that I wish I could have found years ago. The new Ben Mackie Fitness not only is a clean , fun and a comfortable environment but Ben is packed with years of professional experience in the fitness industry. With Ben as a trainer I saw immediate results and learned so much. He will push you to reach your goals and help you through your weaknesses. His main goal is to get you the results you have always wanted. And His personal attention makes a diffrence overall in your lifestyle, he will bring you the energy and ambition that other trainers lack to offer. He offers it all from recommendations such as nutrition, protien shakes, recovery, clean eating to dialy complete body workouts that will keep your body coming for more. When training with Ben I loved that his fitness programs combine a high intensity resistance training, as well as high intensity interval cardio training and they are both what I needed to get where I am today. Weather you need help to loose weight, add muscle, or most importantly, feel better he is the best I know of . I also loved that he gives nutritional advise, which made a huge diffrence for me while working out. He stays on point, covering any questions or doubts that you may have. The workouts he gives you are written in a such efficient way without wasting a minute of your time. Ive worked out with other trainers and They just couldn’t motivate me to workout or to enjoy working out Like Ben did. Not only would I recommend him but I would like to say Thank you Ben …Because I now love to workout, I enjoy it, and am determined to stay in shape.”

    — Vicky L., Stockton, CA

  • “I trained with Ben for almost a year and can’t say enough great things about him and the other trainers/instructors. I am a person in my mid-20’s who loves to workout, but needed new ideas and an extra push to help motivate me to reach my goal to stay fit, lose some weight and get more toned. Ben’s training programming is just so unique in the way that it is not a “one type” of personal training studio. His work outs constantly changed that kept me on my toes and I never got bored. As a client, I got the “cross-fit” aspect of training as well as sport specific type of training to private and group training. One of my favorite things to do there is train on their Pilates Reformer. I have never done that before until I started training with Ben. I had no interest in “Pilates” when I first started but it turned into one of my FAVORITE things to do while I was there to “switch it up”. The people and the atmosphere was a big deal for me because it was not intimidating at all! The studio promotes all types of people from families, athletes, all age groups and all training types yet it stays personal in the training regimen. This is the type of balance that I wanted in a personal training studio. The other trainers and instructors are always willing to help out. You get more than just one relationship with a trainer but with all of them. Unfortunately, I moved out of Stockton, but I still use Ben’s workouts in my routines. It’s not the same being there, but I know he would be so proud that I keep up with exercises he taught me!!”

    — Carly C., Westchester, PA

  • “Initially I was only joining to workout with my daughter while she was home on summer break from college. That was almost 6 months ago, and I haven’t quit. After many attempts over the years at trying to stick to a fitness routine, this is the first one that has worked. I have joined other facilities in the past, ranging from the “big box” gyms to personal private studios, never following through. Either it felt like a meat market, or life gets too busy and I just ended up quiting. No one ever held me accountable, just took my money every month to never hear from them again. If I didn’t go, they didn’t care. Here, that’s not the case. The instructors/trainers take the time to get to know you on a personal level. My trainer is Ben, and if I miss a couple of days… I am getting a text from him…”Will I see you today?” This keeps me accountable to make time for my fitness routine…or maybe it’s guilt, but who cares, it works! Also, if I can’t make it in during Ben’s hours, the other trainers don’t have a problem taking over, which makes my life easier, as my days are never the same. I travel a lot, and Ben is always willing to text me routines I can do on my own. Ben listens to his clients, as I don’t want to be so sore the next day I can’t walk – he manages to make sure I work just enough to feel it the next day, but not be to the point it’s hard to function. He also changes it up enough so I am never bored. Clients range from men, women, retired, working, athletes, young adults and teens. I have seen Mother’s bring their children with them while they work out. It’s more of a family atmosphere. Overall the personal attention and friendly atmosphere keeps me coming back. Not to mention the fact that I’m toning and feeling physically better than I have in years. Even if I have to drive into Stockton every day! I would HIGHLY recommend Ben Mackie Fitness to anyone!”

    — Denise S., Lodi, CA

  • “When it comes to health and well being, our family made the decision to train at the best studio in San Joaquin County. Ben and his staff are extremely knowledgable and we actually look forward to working out.”

    — Frank Stevens, Lodi, CA