TPI Program for San Joaquin Valley, CA Golfers

Ben Mackie Fitness offers plenty to golfers and fitness enthusiasts in San Joaquin Valley, CA with special services to enhance their fitness, health, and abilities. We have massage therapy available by appointment, and there’s a chiropractor on premises once a week to address your physical wellness. Additionally, we run a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) program that’s dedicated to studying the function of the human body relating to a golf swing. Started in 2003, TPI has analyzed thousands of golfers of various skill levels, sizes, ages, and shapes. With this, TPI has researched how the golf swing can be affected by a properly functioning body or physical limitations.

TPI educates golfers on the Body-Swing Connection™. The program’s founders, Dr. Greg Rose, and Dave Phillips worked with a 52-member advisory staff. It focused on five unique fields of study: Golf, Medical, Fitness, Power, and Junior Development.


TPI Plans to Suit Your Golfing Needs

At Ben Mackie Fitness, we offer three different plans for the TPI program, including:

Plan 1: Starter Package $150
  • TPI physical screen, 16 screens identifying a player’s limitations
  • A client receives their results of the screen by email, including Body-Swing Connection™ detailing how their physical limitations affect their golf swing
  • Complete workout design and prescription
  • Formulated specifically from the screen results/limitations. A client receives the workout with exercise descriptions and videos in an email
  • 1st TPI workout at the studio with Ben Mackie
  • Explain/demonstrate full workout program and exercises and one-on-one instruction to perform the workout

Plan 2: The 4-Week Workout Plan +$100 ($250)

  • Everything offered in Plan 1
  • 3 additional workouts, 1 a week with Ben
  • One-on-one TPI workouts at the studio with Ben Mackie. Progress the client further with exercise progressions/advancements each week

Plan 3: Pro Package +$50 ($300)

  • Everything in Plans 1 and 2, screen, 4-week workout, plus on range video swing analysis to identify the 12 swing flaws/characteristics
  • V1 Technology to record the client’s swing on the range from a down the line view and face on. This enables a more detailed insight into the client’s swing characteristics and physical limitations to create a more precise workout focused on addressing the biggest issues in the Body-Swing Connection™

Improve Your Golf Swing with Ben Mackie Fitness

Whatever your physical condition or skill level, Ben Mackie Fitness helps you with one-on-one assistance in the TPI program in San Joaquin Valley, CA. If you’d like more information, or you wish to sign up and improve your golf swing, call us today!