Summer is here and our studio is busy with people working hard toward their fitness goals.It is inspiring to see our clients spend their time and energy with us.All day effort is given, challenges are met and work is done. However, we are personal trainers, and we always want our members to get the most out of their time spent at the studio.

There is a really simple way to make any workout more effective- be focused. Really, just focus on the exercise you are doing. Now this is  a tough thing to do in our modern age. Conflicting demands on our time have made multi-tasking the norm. We know that any time multiple tasks are given us to complete simultaneously, neither task is completed as well as it could be. This means you are thinking about your 10am meeting while you are doing squats at the gym at 6:30am, your squats suffered. Studies show that by paying attention to the “muscles being worked” you can increase the activation of those muscles. Focusing on feeling each rep, feeling the body working, maintains better form through your sets, minimizing injury risk. By simply focusing, the workout becomes safer and more effective.

Tips to improve focus while training:

Minimize distractions– If you are listening to music with  your phone that is one thing, but if you are changing songs constantly or checking in on texts and emails, then your phone is a hindrance. Put it away.

Have a plan– Know how much time you have, what you need ro work on that day and choose your workout accordingly;y. If you need guidance, ask a trainer for some help.

Know what you are doing– Make sure you know how to complete each exercise and what you should feel. Don’t just do reps,  make good movements. If you do not understand the exercise, or it does not feel right, ask a trainer. Modifications are an option or maybe a little coaching can help.

Breath– If you are not getting oxygen, you will not be able to focus very long. People tend to hold their breath or breathe shallow under stress. Son when the workout starts to get tough, breathe more! Focus on strong exhalations, like you are blowing up a balloon. Don’t worry about the inhale to much, it will come naturally if you get all the air out!

Thanks to all our wonderful members here at Ben Mackie Fitness. I can’t wait to see all of your focused faces this week in the gym.